Ncyte™ Cortical Neuron Kit (formerly Nc-K-CN)

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    1 vial of cryopreserved Ncyte™ Cortical Neuron cells containing ≥ 4 M viable cells, 1 bottle of Ncyte™ Neuronal Basal Medium (250 mL), 2 vials of Ncyte™ Neuronal Supplement (1.25 mL each)

    Complete kit, including cells, medium and validated protocol. Co-culture with astrocytes supports long-term cultures and use in functional assays. Reproducible supply of cells for long-term screening studies.

    This cell model can also be utilized in combination with our Drug Discovery Assay Services

    Product description

    Human iPSC-derived Ncyte Cortical Neurons are post mitotic, glutamatergic, cortical layer-committed neurons. They express cortical progenitor marker FOXG1 and cortical layer markers TBR1 and Ctip2 (cortical layers V-VI), together with neuronal marker βIII Tubulin and dendrite marker MAP2. Spontaneous activity in multi-electrode array (MEA) assays can be detected as early as day 4, presenting firing patterns that evolve into more complex structured patterns of activity in long-term culture.

    The kit includes cryopreserved human iPSC-derived cortical neurons, optimized medium and protocol.

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