Ncyte™ CNS Neuron Kit II (formerly Nc-K-CNS-2)

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    1 vial of cryopreserved Ncyte™ CNS Neuron cells containing ≥ 2 M viable cells, 1 bottle of Ncyte™ Neuronal Basal Medium (250 mL), 2 vials of Ncyte™ Neuronal Supplement (1.25 mL each)

    Complete kit including cells, medium and validated protocol. Highly physiological neural networks within 2 weeks of culture. Long term synchronous network activity.

    This cell model can also be utilized in combination with our Drug Discovery Assay Services

    Product description

    The Ncyte CNS Neuron Kit II is comprised of two cell types of the human central nervous system (CNS): neurons (glutamatergic, GABAergic and dopaminergic) and astrocytes derived from a common neural precursor. The composition of the culture recapitulates the interplay between excitatory and inhibitory neurons and the establishment of mature neural networks. The formation of neuronal networks, viability in culture, and robust manufacture provide advantages over primary cells and animal models for neuroscience applications.

    The Ncyte CNS Neuron Kit is a tool for drug discovery in neurodegenerative disease and epilepsy, neurotoxicity assays and disease modeling, through it's application in electrophysiological, metabolic and imaging assays.

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