Ncyte™ Astrocyte Kit II

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    1 vial of cryopreserved Ncyte™ Astrocyte cells containing ≥ 2 M viable cells, 1 bottle of Neuronal Basal Medium (250 mL), 2 vials of Ncyte™ Neuronal Supplement (1.25 mL each)

    Highly mature model. Ideal for co-culturing with hiPSC-derived neurons. Suitable for neuroinflammatory assays.

    This cell model can also be utilized in combination with our Drug Discovery Assay Services

    Product description

    Ncyte Astrocytes display the characteristic star-shaped morphology of astrocytes in culture. They display a high percentage of GFAP-, S100ß- and AQP4-positive cells indicating a homogeneous and mature population. They show supportive function for human iPSC-derived neurons in co-culture enabling long-term studies and more physiological disease modeling.

    The kit includes cryopreserved, human iPSC-derived astrocytes, medium and supplement. This ready-to-use kit supports neuroscience research and drug discovery.

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